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5 Ways to Connect with Your Agency for Entrepreneurs #tiptuesday

In a social media age that champions overnight successes, our minds can get clouded by the perceived expectations & opinions of our various communities. As entrepreneurs, we lack the guidance & structure that comes with traditional employment - & the safety of knowing what to do & when. There exists a real danger of getting caught in a mindset of proving our worth, rather than leveraging it.

A great way to empower ourselves as entrepreneurs, as well as individuals, is to connect with our personal agency. Agency is a means of exerting power or influence, so it is important to connect with the control we have over our own experiences & trajectories.

Conscious Curation's foundation is rooted in connecting entrepreneurs with their own agency to create meaningful impacts, both personally & professionally. Here are our five easy ways to connect with your agency:

1. Remember your "why".

We each have unique reasons & experiences that have influenced our journeys as entrepreneurs. We transform business ideas into foundations of strategies, actions & expertise. We have desired impacts or legacies we would like to leave. We make plans to reach those goals. Though important for operational success, we cannot let these decisions & tasks distract us from why we founded our businesses in the first place.

What is the mission of your organization? What impact did you want to make when you started your business? How did you want your entrepreneurship to shape your life & the community?

Connect everything to a higher purpose set by yourself. Be intentional. Start to view every action that you make in your life as a choice that contributes to your quality of living, your happiness or your development. Life is yours to create - remember why you started!

2. Focus on your gains.

Be aware of how far you have come & all that you have cultivated along the way. Connect with your momentum by reflecting on & celebrating all of your accomplishments. Think about yourself at different points along your journey: during childhood, your first day as a business owner, your first client, your first failure.

Allow yourself to feel all of the pride & astonishment that those versions would have for you now. You contribute to your development in everything you do. Push through the uncomfortable moments. Understand that you are strengthening your skills & investing in your future!

3. Don't believe the voices in your head.

There is a quote by Nikolaecuza stating "The first thought that goes through your mind is what you have been conditioned to think. What you think next defines who you are". Understand that we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of information daily, much of which influences us consciously and subconsciously.

Give yourself grace & softness when you feel uninspired, self-conscious, or not enough. Challenge yourself when you doubt your abilities or are faced with imposter syndrome. When we feel unprepared, unworthy, or insecure, we must ask ourselves: "Whose voices are we hearing? Who is profiting or benefiting from my current insecurity?"

Listen to the voices of doubt & prepare responses to quiet them when they arise. Write affirmations & use them when your confidence is weary. Remind yourself of your immense & infinite value. Highs & lows are a natural part of the entrepreneurial experience (& let's be real - life in general). Our defining moments are how we treat ourselves when the lows occur, & how we continue to move forward.

4. Time is on your side.

Release yourself from external timeframes. Trust that everything is happening for you & your business at the ideal pace. Your success is inevitable when you leverage your talents for your freedom & comfort. Don't let your to-do list or organizational goals make you feel like you are running behind.

Feel like things aren't moving fast enough? Connect to what you do well, where you need development & cultivate the environment needed for the goal you are trying to reach. Never stop working toward your desired future, but release any shame about where you are versus where you would like to be.

5. You are the perfect person for the job.

Remember that you have a unique purpose & value unlike anyone else in the world! Your insights, problem-solving skills & creativity will guide you through every opportunity/challenge. Trust yourself & your abilities. You are allowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to stumble. You do not have to be perfect to be the perfect person for your business!

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